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Jan FursteJan Furste
Director of Business Development

Jan Furste is our Director of Business Development and a key contributor to the success and longevity of NETSHARE. She monitors the marketplace on an ongoing basis, keeps tabs on what prospective members want, and continually asks: "How about if we tried this?"

In many ways, Jan is the perfect person to talk with about NETSHARE. She has been with us since 1993 and understands all facets of our business, including how to work effectively with the companies and recruiters who post the jobs on our site.

Jan's background reveals both an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for lifelong learning, which has led her to take a few chances along the way. Raised in a small Midwestern town, she took a bus trip to Northern California 20 years ago, knowing only a handful of people. Within a few days she had three job offers. Before joining NETSHARE, Jan worked in customer service, sales and operations positions in a variety of industries (office supplies, marketing services, industrial products, home building products, and consumer goods), often keeping the books while also managing the front and back offices. Clearly she has benefited from the advice given to her by her uncle: "Always look like you know where you're going."

Jan always has been on the lookout for the next opportunity that will further her learning. Apparently she continues to find learning opportunities at NETSHARE, since she's been with us for more than a decade. After all these years, Jan has an enduring interest in the growth and evolution of our company and its members.

For those of you thinking about joining NETSHARE, give Jan a call (1-800- 241-5642). Her "can do" spirit is infectious, and she would love to talk with you. jan@netshare.com


Thanks again (Kathy Simmons) for your help during the conference call. The type of collaboration and guidance I experienced was much more like outplacement services than I expected…a welcome (and appreciated) surprise.

Susan S.; Marketing Executive. March 2009