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Real Jobs from Real People

When you search the NETSHARE site, you can be sure that the jobs listed are VALID and CURRENT. To post a job, recruiters or hiring companies phone NETSHARE, email us, or post jobs directly to our website. Regardless of how jobs are submitted, no positions are posted for viewing by members until our staff has reviewed and validated them. And no job postings are acquired via bots; positions listed are real jobs from real people searching for qualified executive candidates.

Job Postings Built on Relationships

Since its founding in 1991, NETSHARE has developed close relationships with many leading executive search firms who have posted hundreds of jobs over the years and hired dozens of NETSHARE members. Thousands of other recruiters and companies are active users of NETSHARE, calling on us to help fill their executive positions in a broad range of industries and locations.

  • Thousands of CURRENT executive positions; some exclusive to NETSHARE
  • Job postings in all industries, disciplines and locations, accessible for a single membership fee (unlike some sites which charge separate fees to access job listings in different categories). available with one membership.
  • Positions submitted directly to NETSHARE by hiring companies and search firms, who count on us to provide qualified executive candidates.
  • No scraping from other job sites, which can yield invalid or outdated listings. You respond directly to original poster, not to NETSHARE.
  • No conflicting loyalties. We work for you, the executive candidate. Unlike other sites that charge both the job poster AND the executive job seeker, we do not charge recruiters or hiring companies to post positions, so we can accept only the job listings that meet our strict criteria:
    • All positions are verified for completeness and accuracy prior to posting. We also verify that the job listings are valid – not "fishing expeditions" by those who simply want to gather resumes.
    • We accept no positions with base salary below $100,000
    • No multi-level marketing positions are accepted
    • No commission only positions are accepted

Search NETSHARE Jobs to view samples of current active positions available to NETSHARE members by clicking on the desired category on the left sidebar.

Please Note: The jobs listed on this part of the site (public) is not a complete listing. It does not include those jobs detailed on the private, member's only, part of the site. Those jobs visible to members only often identify the hiring company

I always post what I can to NETSHARE, because we are pleased with what response we do get. It’s never too many to deal with, and in most cases, we do receive at least one (sometimes two or three) that we do submit to our client. We have made a few placements and are firm believers in your site.

Jamie D.; Recruiter, April 2009

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